Centre for Wiradjuri Arts and Culture Coming to Wagga Wagga

Centre for Wiradjuri Arts and Culture Coming to Wagga Wagga

An exciting and innovative centre for the renewal of Wiradjuri Arts and Cultural Practices Opens in Wagga Wagga this week.

Wollundry Dreaming (walang-dhuray-meaning ‘strength having) was appropriately named by Aunty Cheryl Penrith, and endorsed by Aunty Isabel Reid and Uncle Dr Stan Grant (Snr). 

The cultural hub will employ an approach to development based on the Wiradyuri cultural concept of Yindyamarra, a Wiradyuri philosophy being employed to work towards creating a better world for all people to live well, while respectfully securing a world worth living in. “This means we all have to work out how to find the strength to live a gentle, honest and respectful life” said Uncle Dr Stan Grant (Snr). The elders believe their ancient Wiradyuri concepts such as Yindyamarra and walan-dhuray (Wollundry) are a sensible way to re-orientate our individual and collective efforts in these somewhat challenging, modern times and circumstances. 

Wollundry Dreaming named by Aunty Cheryl Penrith, will assist in creating a natural reconciliation in by bringing arts, culture and community together. Situated in the centre of Wagga Wagga, the programs designed by Wiradjuri Elders Aunty Cheryl Penrith, Aunty Mary Atkinson, Uncle James Ingram, Aunty Jackie Ingram, Visual Dreaming, The Curious Rabbit and Aunty Debbie Evans. Wollundry Dreaming works towards building creative, stronger and more resilient communities by enabling the creation of great art and active engagement.

The vision of Wollundry Dreaming is to embrace Yindymarra (meaning to proceed slowly with respect and honour), as it stands on the shoulders of the Wiradjuri heritage.

The Hub aims to create greater strength and reconciliation by bringing arts, culture and community together as a foundation for rebuilding culturally grounded, and vibrant communities in which children and young people can, and want to live. 
This work stands on the shoulders of numerous Wiradjuri elders past and present while securing the capacity of future generations to solve complex problems and to live according to the intergenerational wisdom of their Ancestors. We aim to strengthen the cultural life of Wagga Wagga and secure a world worth living in where we can all respectfully live in a healthy, diverse and vibrant world.
For more details please email shanae.pope@visualdreaming.com.au
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