Visual Dreaming Wins SheEO Women 2022 Venture Funding

Visual Dreaming Wins SheEO Women 2022 Venture Funding

“You go and go and go for years and it can be quiet, but then it all comes at once,” says Leanne, founder of Visual Dreaming. ‘All’ in this case is a flurry of recent activity for Visual Dreaming, led by a huge win at SheEO.

SheEO is an organisation that describes themselves as a “community of radically generous women + non-binary folks working on the world’s to-do list.” They provide mentorship, funding, and — above all — a network for companies to amplify their greatness. Each year they scour the world for founders at the top of their game, and shortlist a cohort to throw their resources behind. In 2021, Visual Dreaming wasn’t just a part of those who made it to the semi-finals — we won.

Visual Dreaming was announced as one of the winners of SheEO’s 2021 Venture funding, a huge honour that not only recognises our platform’s ability to improve community mental health, but fast-tracks it.

As a winner in the Good Health and Wellbeing category, we are given access to 12 months of coaching, access to SheEO’s incredible network of word-beating CEOs, and project funding.

We plan to use this opportunity fulfil our goal of providing a health service that understands its users, and connect them to mentors of their choice — who are not only equipped to meet their needs, but who they trust to do so. 

See Leanne speaking to SheEO here:


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