Visual Dreaming App

Visual Dreaming where everyone has a dream and a goal (vision) and believes in themselves, we give youth the power to have a team to influence the vision and dreams. 
  • Visually see the possibility - goals and direction
  • Clearly express what you need and the support networks you have
  • Build a safe positive tribe

      Features for the user

    • Visual goal setting
    • Invite Dream Team
    • Dreamers
    • Messaging to communicate with your Dream Team Newsfeed to positively interact with your Dreamers and Dream Team 

    Dreaming Journey 

    The term 'Dreaming Journey' refers to the journey the user takes part in after signing up for the Visual Dreaming app.

    Dream Team 

    A Dream Team consists of the users support networks this can include your parents, Elders, community, teacher, mentor and doctor, anyone who believes in you and you can help you achieve your goals.


    Dreamers are the users of the app, individuals who choose to follow their dreams, set goals and improve their overall health. When a user elects you as their Dream Team member they are now known as your Dreamer.