Programs and Initiatives

Butterfly Dreaming

Butterfly Dreaming is a leadership program helping close the gap for young Aboriginal women leaders by strengthening their connection to self, family, community, identity, and culture. This program is established by Visual Dreaming a First Nations female-led tech company creating a digital solution based on the oldest living culture in the world to enhance well-being through storytelling and connection to culture.

Visual Dreaming aims to build a sisterhood of young First Nations women through relationships and connection to culture and community. This program aims to strengthen cultural identity and reduce mental health impacts by creating a positive environment and establishing support networks.Β 

Butterfly Dreaming is free to participate and is available to First Nation women aged 8 - 16 yrs old. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact Shanae at or message Visual Dreaming on Facebook or Instagram.Β 

Virtual Dreaming

More information coming soon.Β